Singgasana Hotels : New Affiliate Program Live on Glopss

Glopss proudly introduce a new affiliate program now live : Singgasana Hotels.

A very popular property in Indonesia, Singgasana Hotels and Resorts, an international convention center throughout Indonesia, is a hospitality management company maintaining diverse portfolio including luxury independent assets and hotel and resorts with deluxe services in Jakarta, Makassar, Lombok and Suryabaya. It includes many more famous properties like The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta, Singgasana Hotels Surabaya, Singgasana Hotels Makassar, Lombok Golf Kosaido, Jakarta Convention Center and HOUSE Sangkuriang Bandung.

The quotation “Stay with us… We love having you here” truly justifies by the ambiance provided to the guests. The word “Singgasana” itself denotes throne in Indonesia and “The Lion’s Seat” in sanskrit. Thus, the symbol signifies the greatness and majesty of the lion’s throne from Hindu and Buddhist culture as well as from the reliefs of Borobudur and Prambanan temple. The interior and decoration mainly the color, gold, yellow and blue reflect the royal service provided to the guests and make them enjoy the luxury of the royal property. It is an historical heritage which stands majestically with the strength of Indonesian culture and beauty of each prominent destination.

The royal property include many other rich heritage property like The Sultan Hotel Jakarta, Singgasana Hotel Makassar, Singgasana Hotel Surabaya, HOUSE Sangkuriang Bandung and Lombok Kosaido Golf & Country Club stand majestically for over 30 years amidst 34 acres of lush tropical garden in the heart of Jakarta’s Central Business District. The main aim is to provide premium world-class hospitality services by investing in high valued human resources, innovating in the greatest facilities and maximizing a long-term stakeholder value.

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Compass Hospitality

Welcome to Compass Hospitality

Glopss Team wants to welcome Compass Hospitality, our new Travel affiliate program now live in our network.

Affiliates joining this program will be able to access to multiple offers from the different hotel brands belonging to Compass Hospitality. As a publisher you will have a portfolio of over 35 properties to promote in your website

All the properties are in Thailand, Malaysia and UK. and are under 4 distinctive brands; Compass, Citrus, Citin, and Ananda Spa (alongside our Compass Collection which includes individually branded hotels and resorts).

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