Hilton Hotels Now live on Glopss

Good news for publishers.. Now Hilton Hotels are live on Glopss.

Hilton Hotels, a vast property with more than 4700 hotels, resorts and timeshare properties consisting of more than 775000 rooms in 104 different countries and territories. It has established a portfolio of 13 world-class brads defining the hospitality industry including its flagship Hilton Hotels and Resorts brand, most recognized hotel brand in the world.

Hilton Hotels provide an authentic and contemporary experience for the guests worldwide with more than 570 locations across 6 continents, giving its guest many facilities including Request Upon Arrival service ensuring comfortable and convenient stay with always ready to provide friendly, individualized services with innovative on-site restaurants or healthy breakfast in-room, fitness centers and spas and many more.Enjoy many exciting offers and special celebrations with lavish stay for any occasion like meeting, wedding even providing the facility for wedding rehearsal ceremony, reception and many more.

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